Why Some Things And Not Others?

Being a person who has suffered from an obsessive compulsive behavior, I can truly tell you that I have no ideas where this comes from and why I get this way for certain things and not others. That’s what makes no sense at all. Why do I get upset with how my closet is arranged but couldn’t care less about how my towels look? Why do I get upset about things not being in their “spot” but don’t care enough that the bed isn’t made every morning? Why do certain things bother me but others don’t? It would be nice to why so I could maybe fight against. But usually I won’t know what will bother me until I see and there are times when the things that bother me change, today I can’t stand that the dishes are cleaned and put away, tomorrow it won’t bother me but something else will.

So why does this happen? It could be control thing, that I need to feel in control and when I have things organized and straighten out then I have control of the situation. Or it could be that I feel my life is out of control and keeping the other things in my life will help keep things in order. But that could all be to scientific to be anything to put stock into. I believe that people just have little quirks and each of us deals with it in different ways, which is why humans are so amazing. It is funny to meas well because we make fun of other people for their little quirks but take our own super serious. My husband gets so annoyed with me about all of the things that I need to keep in place but doesn’t realize that he has is own things that have to be just so.

When I finally realized this, it made my life so much better. I stopped trying to fight it and just went with it. It makes me much happier to just be me and not worry about it so much. If the shoes that are in the front hall bother me and would make me happier to not see them there than I will surely put them in the closet. It only takes a minute to walk to the closet, so why wouldn’t I? It’s the little things in life that mean the most, so if it makes me happy to have a clean, organized home then why wouldn’t I keep it that way? If that makes me OCD then so be it, I can live with that. I try not to push this on others because I know that nobody but me cares about the same things that I do, my husband who is wonderful, is not an clean freak like me but he tries to get his stuff put away and I love him for that so when I doesn’t I never get upset because he tries and that is enough.

Thanks everyone for reading!



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