Strangers In Your Home

I can get a little antsy when I have to have people in my house. There is a check list for things that need to be done before that person comes over and a check list of things that need to be done after that person leaves. While they are in my house I try my hardest to act normal and pretend that everything is great while they are here. I bring this up because my husband and I are revamping our bathroom and we needed a plumber to come out and check out our plumbing situation. We found a good local Michigan company to come out and help us. My husband searched online to read all the reviews and we are pretty confident we found a good company. We need this guy to make sure everything is good before we can move forward, we own a old home and just wanted to make sure all was good before we started to spend money on new things.

Our master bathroom is already torn up and we currently are not using it, and I know that when you upgrade your house things will get messy and I know that the people that come and work on your home are used to seeing houses in total disarray but that does not stop me from making sure that everything is organized and put away. I don’t want someone, anyone, coming over to my house and have it been completely messy looking. So before our plumbing came over I cleaned the entire house even though he would only be going straight the bathroom, which I cleaned up as well. I organized the chaos that was our bathroom, I had everything cleared out that didn’t need to be in there when he was there and I stacked up and put away everything that still needed to stay but would be out of his way. He stayed for about half the day working and making sure our stuff was up to par.

When he left, he left a mess, which is fine he worked hard and I’m pretty sure that the majority of people wouldn’t consider what he left behind a mess at all. But that’s them and this is me, so once again I cleaned and organized the bathroom and put everything in it’s proper place so when we go back in there everything is where it needs to be to start the day. Then I cleaned the house again. I have probably cleaned the house more since we started this project than I have in the passed year. It just gets so dusty and cluttered because we are moving things here, there and anyway there is a spot for them and it is driving me nuts. I cannot wait to be done. I do a good job keeping our house in order but it is proving to be most difficult right now because our house is torn up but not really just our bathroom which is spilling into our bedroom which is spilling into the rest of the house. But soon it will be done and things will be back to normal until we start to upgrade something else!

Thanks for reading,