So you may find it hard to believe that you can be OCD with books, but I’ll tell you that you sure can be OCD with books. I am. Honestly, you can pretty much be OCD with just about anything, it just depends on each person and their personality, with me it’s things being in their place. Now that “place” may not be the normal spot where that thing goes but it is where I want to keep so that “place” has become that things spot. With books, I do not like to lend them to other people, even though that person is my mom who loves reading to or to my best friend, both I would trust with my life but just not with my books.

If I find a new author that I want to read I will go on their website to view all the books that they have written and I will create a list of the order of the books and I will read them in the order that the author wrote them. Nothing drives me more crazy than reading books out of order, especially a series of books. I did that once and I was so annoyed when I found out that I read the last book in a three books series. I vowed to myself that I would never do that again. So now I research and make a list that way that will never happen again.

I also prefer to read paperback books as opposed to hard covers because for one, they take up less space on my bookshelf, second they are much easier to travel with and I always take a book with me no matter where I go or for how long I am gone for. Paperbacks fit better in my purse. Third, they are cheaper and that is a big deal when you read as many books as I do. In a good week I can read three books but the weeks that I am busier I can get about one and half, yes I count being halfway through a book.But there have been occasions where I have had to buy a hard cover, if I am reading a series and I have caught up with the author and the newest one hasn’t been released yet, then I have no choice but to get a hard cover.

This drives me crazy too because then the books don’t match, up until that point all my books in that series are paperback but then the new one and everyone after that will be hard cover. So what do I do? Do I wait until the newest ones come out in paperback and buy them again? Or do I find the older ones in hardcover and buy those? I usually wait until they come out in paperback because if I am going to buy a book twice I going to buy the cheaper version. Once I get the paperback I have to read it so it looks read like all of the others and I will just donate the hardcover to the library, a book fair or the Salvation Army, that way the book will not be wasted.

The crazy dilemma’s I create for myself, such is my life.

Thanks for sticking around!


I want to take a moment and thank a local sponsor of mine, Waterford Tree Services, who are very professional and specialize in emergency tree services, thanks guys!